UC Berkeley & Johns Hopkins University. Former Head of Research and Product. Specializes in Habit Change and Health/Nutrition.

Coaching philosophy

I never believed in fad systems or cold-turkey approaches to breaking bad habits popularized by the media — these are gimmicks created more for profit than creating lasting change. In my experience as a coach, I've found that understanding the root of a problem, finding peace in your beliefs, and creating a system that gradually replaces bad habits with healthier ones through moderation and reward are the most effective ways to break bad habits. Individual approaches always differ by individual, but I believe that everyone has it in them to be — and do — anything they believe. I just help provide a little push.


UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University

Neuroscience & Biochemistry

Driven by seeing breakthrough

Specialize in science-based Habit Change


Founder, Bemore

I've previously served as a scientist, Head of Research, Head of Product, and as a founder at various technology companies in Silicon Valley, with experience in Digital Health and Social Networks. I founded Bemore to give people an all-in-one shop to breakthrough and level up in life.

Habit Change
Method: 'Know Your Why' Habits System

At the core of every behavior — and decision — we're not proud of, whether it be in life, health, or business, lies a fundamentally broken habit. Drawing on evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology, our framework breaks these habits down and helps you understand — and break — these loops.

Coaching highlights

From my days as a middle and high-school basketball coach, to a science tutor, to developing frameworks that have helped people break out of destructive behavior, there's been nothing like seeing someone breakthrough and be more than they thought they could be.


So worth it! I'm not sure I've ever thought so deeply about why I do the things I do and why I think the way I do. After my time with Pasha, I was able to understand why some of these bad habits were ingrained in my behavior and come to peace with it. It opened me up for change.

— Amy, San Francisco


Amazingly in-depth conversations allowed me to realize things about my past that I wasn't able to realize and a smart Habit Change system allowed me to take massive steps to avoid doing what I knew was a destructive habit.

— Eddy, Chicago

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