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Change How You Think
Change How You Think

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Change How You Think

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Why do we freeze up in uncomfortable situations? Why do we get angry at those we know to not get angry at — and become submissive with those that we should stand up to?

In this ebook, our goal is simple: to break you out of the thought processes that hold you back. To do this, we discuss how some of these circuits evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, why they no longer serve us, and practical steps to consciously break out of them — and rebuild better habits.

First, we going to provide a simple framework for understanding something complex: human behavior. Next, we analyze common situations and people’s default behaviors to get to the heart of what's really going on. Lastly, we offer a few proven frameworks for breaking out of the mindset that’s holding you back.

We're going to ask tough questions — ones that might challenge you. We do this because the first step to change is to find peace in understanding that you may not have everything figured out.

This book is your guide to get there. Get your copy today.

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