Breaking a Bad Habit

At the core of every decision — and behavior — we're not proud of, whether it be in life, relationships, business, or health, lies a fundamentally broken belief and habit. In this program, we fix these beliefs and their resultings habits.

Our framework is influenced by evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. In this program, you'll discover how to treat and move past the root of the problem, not the symptoms, using our system as a guide. Let's get started!


The root of internal struggle is doing things that don't align with how you want to see yourself. This is called cognitive dissonance.

Why do we do these things? We make poor choices when we run away from problems instead of facing & taking responsibility for them.

Why do we run away from our problems? Not because we can't solve them, but because we don't know how — yet. We run from complexity.

What does it mean to understand something fully? It means we have the ability to use something to its fullest potential (and our benefit) in our lives.

How do we solve these problems? We break them down, begin to understand how all parts function together, target the problem areas, and build strategies to succeed.

Why is this important? If we understand it, it stops becoming a mystery. It becomes less scary and we don't have to run from the things we're not afraid of.

To understand problems well enough to stop running from them. Let's get started.

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