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Bemore Health Tracker
Bemore Health Tracker
Bemore Health Tracker
Bemore Health Tracker

Bemore Health Tracker

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Dieting and nutrition is complex. Many of the current solutions — calorie counters, fad diets, and cold-turkey approaches — miss the mark by not giving you the full picture and don't often deliver on their promise of better health.


Our platform was built by nutritionists and behavioral psychologists to fix these gaps. You'll be able to:

  • Easily log (with a single tap) and save any meals you have
  • Assess your dietary profile and get a sense of which macro- and micronutrients you've had too much or too little of
  • Get detailed nutrition reporting and see how your progress towards recommended goals for individual nutrients
  • Develop and understanding of how your diet affects health
  • Finally, and most importantly, get personalized, dietitian-built recipe recommendations tailored to your health


We're believers in long-term habits, whole foods, and joy in building sustainable health. Start your journey to better health and habits today.


Bonus items included with purchase for a limited time. Details below.

Bonus #1: Digging Deep Book


Format: E-book
Length: 380 pages


This guide is made up of 7 parts, each tackling a different aspect of life. You'll find motivational speeches from the most prolific coaches in history, life lessons to guide your thinking, guides on the science + psychology of habits and how to change them, and practical tips on how to apply these lessons to your own life, health, and pursuit of freedom through financial independence.


Part 1: Life Lessons

Part 2: Change How You Think

Part 3Build Stronger Habits in 21 Days

Part 4: The Science of a Healthy Life and How to Live It

Part 5Financial Freedom: Lessons on Building a Business

Part 6: 15 Rules of Life: Break Out of Your Shell

Part 7: A Coach's List of Motivational Speeches


Start exploring the science of achievement, mindset, and habit change — and putting them to use in your own life today.

Bonus #2: 1:1 Coaching


You'll have access to 1:1 coaching with professional, long-time coaches with pedigrees from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard — and the ability to reach out with any questions that come up along the way or engage in more consistent coaching, if you choose to. Use their expertise to make strides in your own life.