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The Pocket Diet Coach

The Pocket Diet Coach

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Includes: a 380-page book on the science of motivation and habit change as a written reference and a 1:1 coaching with a health coach for any questions you have along the way. Introductory call scheduled upon purchase.


Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a rut? Keeping the same old habits that make you feel miserable and unable to get a foothold in a more healthy lifestyle? What if you knew how to fix that? What if you knew what to eat — and when — to feel at your absolute best? Learn how to boost metabolism, immunity, energy, and overall health with nutrition recommendations that are tailored to you, crafted by leading dietitians, and sent to you daily.

Pair good nutrition with a better, more complete sleep schedule and more regular exercise, which are also tracked and assessed through our platform, and you've just taken a massive step forward in your life.

Built by health coaches who've seen people's most common pitfalls — and their effects — through their practice, we strip away the fluff to make doing the right thing easy. Based on established science and published clinical study, we not only help you identify what's missing from your lifestyle and understand its effect on your health, but also show you how to fix the problem with personalized, real time recommendations, including dietitian-built meals specifically crafted to help fill the gaps in your diet and prevent the associated health risks.

A full-featured health tracker
Track your activities to better understand your daily exercise, sleep, and eating habits. You'll also be able to assess your progress in improving key health metrics, such as weight, BMI, calories in, activity, and sleep.

Daily nutrition reporting
Not just calories, we give you the full nutritional breakdown, including carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and minerals, so you stay as informed as possible about what goes into your body.

Learn how your nutrient gaps affect your health and wellbeing
Learn how the food you eat affects your metabolism, immunity, nervous system, heart health, and your skin, joints, and bones.

Tailored meal and supplement recommendations
Our platform learns where you typically fall short — which nutrients you don't get enough of — and recommends both supplement and dietitian-built recipes tailored to fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet.

Start exploring the science of achievement, health, and habit change — and putting those lessons to use in your own life today.