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Living Life with Health and Wellness

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Living Life with Health and Wellness

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Written by a UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University trained scientist and former Head of Research, this book explores the true science behind lasting weight loss and health.

We've all been there. Too busy to exercise more or eat right. Too caught up in the unimportant details of life to pay attention to what actually matters in the long term — your health. The most visible effect of the choices you commit to: your weight.

It's not easy to shed those extra pounds — it never has been and it won't ever be. You won't find and 'Eat-This' or 'Do-This' and you'll look great weight loss scheme in this book. There are no Get Rich Quick schemes in the world of health. Keeping the pounds off and looking and feeling great are the products of your daily choices and the strength of your discipline.

We know this won't be easy and we know you know it, too — so we're not going to preach it. Instead, we arm you with the fundamental knowledge of what health means and not only how to lose weight, but how to keep it off, too.

We intentionally structured this book to cover the major aspects of health and weight loss, including:

  • How our bodies evolved to look and behave
  • The fundamental science behind weight loss
  • The science behind our daily habits and how to change them
  • Frameworks for setting and achieving goals

This e-book is your guide to begin changing your life for the better. Get yours today.

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