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"Think Different" Coaching

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Have you ever felt stuck? Unhappy with where you are or what you feel, but unable to change? Unable to break out of that shell?

In this program, you'll have email, phone, and video access to the Bemore executive staff, including our CEO, a UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins trained researcher and Silicon Valley veteran. 

Tell us about any problems you're facing, and we'll run you through our unbiased thinking — methods and tactics we've previously used to "Think Different" about our health, our business and financial futures, and our lives — to guide your thinking. Learn how to reset behavior with:

  • Big Picture thinking
  • Perspective recalibration
  • Problem solving techniques including root cause analysis, reverse engineering, and minimizing the problem space
  • Personalized and proven habit and behavior change techniques 

Using our behavior framework, we challenge your beliefs — and you — to become the best version of yourself.

Your access to our executive suite will last as long as you'd like. Prices will vary by frequency of contact.

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