Christian Pyrros has over 20 years of experience as a life & business coach and is currently a Life Transformation Mentor at the Young Adult Academy. He is a senior mentor and coach, teaching you the secrets of your own wisdom, so you can live your best life right here and now.

Coaching philosophy

How would you explain an airplane to someone from ancient times? They might imagine such joy is reserved only for the Gods! Yet you have a more advanced perspective, an airplane is a man-made tool; a powerful tool which gives you amazing perspective, speed, and capacity. So you can arrive safely at your destination in record time. That's the power of coaching and mentorship. In this one-on-one journey, you and I will unlock your full power. You will see a new perspective for your life, feel out exactly where you want to go, and understand exactly how to get there. And just imagine! You will arrive in record time.


University of Delaware, Meridian University

Engineering & Psychology

Learn the secrets of your own inner wisdom

Practical step-by-step actions to unlock your full power


In my 20s I was super fascinated with life and success, and excited to learn from the smartest people in the world! In parallel with my corporate business & consulting work in 21 countries, I continued my education in ancient and modern psychology, as well as learning the power of the human spirit. You see, very smart corporate people could show me a successful life, but they couldn't explain it to me! As an engineer, I want to know how to make things work in a practical, reliable way. With 25 years of effort, I've integrated all the known wisdom on success, along with my own experience, to produce the magic of an airplane in your life.

Life Transformation
After College
20something Life
30something Life
Social Life
Method: The Adult Accelerator

When was the last time you looked at the map while you're sitting at home? Right?! Yet this is exactly how we start the process: You and I will take an objective look to see exactly where you are right now and understand exactly where you want to go. During each session we'll unlock your strengths and power. And after every session you will have a specific Daily Action Plan for that week. In the act of actually doing the Daily Action Plan, you will feel an amazingly powerful transformation, which we then build upon in the next session. So what is the result? With your dedication, you will be living your biggest dream as soon as possible. Yes, really! This is the power of coaching.

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