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How to Make Good Decisions: Need vs. Want

What is good decision making? Good decisions come from clarity of thought. And clarity of thought only comes from understanding what’s truly important to us. From understanding our needs at an almost primal level. Think need vs. want.

Many decision we aren’t proud of are a product of one thing: believing in the value of something we THINK we need, but really don’t. So, why do we believe we need something we may not actually need? There are many answers here; if I were to pinpoint something singular, it’d be this: listening to someone else, adopting someone else’s values — society, parents, friends — everyone, except yourself. These values are usually instilled during our formative years, and only challenged later on in life during our discovery of our own independence.

So, if you feel stuck, what’s the best way to break out? Here’s our simple take: simplify. Try to strip away the noise in your life. Get down to the basics and force yourself into a situation where you HAVE to gain an appreciation for all that we take for granted now. The best way to recalibrate your body, mind, and soul is to find a way to get in touch with what you actually need. On a very basic, primal level. Simplify. Strip away the noise. Understanding what you need gives you clarity of thought to make an informed decision on what you actually WANT in life.

We don’t think about this too often, but people are easy. Dangle a shiny object in front of them, they paw at it. Money. Status. House. Cars. But...

Do you actually need that big-time job? That big house? Are you just trying to live up to someone else’s expectations? Make someone else happy? Prove a point to someone? All of these things involve someone else, but make absolutely no difference in their lives. But, if you give it power, it’ll hang a noose around yours.

So, how do we discover what we actually need? Our advice to get to that shift is some kind of shakeup. Easier said than done, we realize, but nothing will change without some kind of action.

Everyone will likely respond to something different. Big or small, take action. Maybe a friend who you respect really comes at you hard with the truth. Maybe you go travel in the wilderness for a few weeks and learn to live off the land — actually struggling to get your basic needs met may be the best way to remind you of what’s actually important and what’s just a nice to have. Maybe you decide to not avoid TV for a week and go on walks instead. It doesn’t have to be a big change, unless you want that. But, it does have to be something.

Reframe your thinking. Your values. Recalibrate your thinking by depriving yourself of all the luxuries and remind yourself of what’s truly important. Let that fuel every step you take from here on out.

Give yourself the opportunity to make good decisions and, as always, strive to be moreFor an extra dose of inspiration, see our canvas prints, quoted apparel, and educational resources.

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