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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs: an Interview with Denise Disla

What are some of the beliefs that have held people back from the living the life they dream of? Why do these beliefs exist? And what can we do about it? Today, we interview Denise Disla, a clinical psychologist and Certified Transformational Coach, to learn more about some of these pervasive, hard-to-tackle problems and how professionals manage them. You can follow Denise's work on Medium and her blog, Unchained.

Q: In your experience, what are some of the beliefs that have held people back from living the life they dream of the most?

A: I believe there are a variety of things that tend to hold people back from living their dream life however, there is one that is so common. Your mindset. There are hundreds of people who have great ideas and endless potential and yet they just can't seem to get out of their own heads because of negative thought loops. They don't believe in themselves or they let another person's opinions or feedback get in their heads. It is important to develop a healthy mindset in order to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Q: Why do you think this happens? Does it happen today more than it used to?

A: In my experience, I have found that someone who has an unhealthy mindset has developed that from their upbringing. It is usually learned behavior. Another reason for it is social media. Too many people tend to compare their lives to others and that ends up bringing them down, feeling like they aren't good enough or smart enough. With the rise of the digital world, more, and more people have developed an unhealthy mindset.  

Q: If you could pick a few things, what would you recommend people do to break out of these cycles? Any actionable tips?

A: Some actionable tips for an individual to break out of these cycles is to bring those limiting beliefs to their awareness, write down goals, check in with someone who will hold them accountable, and to meditate frequently.

Q: How do you promote wellness in your own life?

A: I promote wellness in my personal life by consistently exercising, eating healthy and whole foods, writing down goals, repeating positive affirmations, and meditating.

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