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Principle: Why Do I Get Disappointed?

Disappointment and anxiety stem from internal beliefs that we shouldn't feel what we feel. That we shouldn't think what we think. It's thinking that we shouldn't be who we really are or believing we're not who we want to be. Now, honestly ask yourself where these beliefs come from. They didn't just appear out of nowhere — so, who put them there? Whose beliefs are they, really? Yours? Your family's? Friends?

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If, after some thought, you discover that they're not actually your own, I encourage you to think twice about adopting them as much as you have. Why should you listen to someone who hasn't walked in your shoes? Who hasn't lived your life? Why should you have to listen to someone who has their own agenda (even those closest to us) and not yourself? Challenge these beliefs and say "no." Free yourself of anyone's expectations besides your own and you'll discover something: you're fine. You're normal. Your feelings are normal. Wanting to discover what you want, who you are, and what you believe in are all normal human pursuits. And they, like everything else, will come with time and perspective.

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