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The Role of Joy in Success and Mastery

As we continue to push through amid all the change, I wonder — what does it take to actually push through an unexpected, unnerving situation and get something done? Is it discipline? Strong values and beliefs? Just putting your head down and taking the brunt of it?

Yes, and no. Simply putting your head down and forcing the issue is a great way to get started, but a lousy way to maintain activity — and spirit — long enough to actually make a difference. It's a short-sighted tactic for short-lived success. The recipe for long-term objective success has to have two components at its core:

  1. The action has to be in line with why you want to achieve what you want to achieve and
  2. Find joy in whatever it is you're taking on

Forcing yourself to push through has the potential to deplete will power, while understanding why you're doing what you're doing and finding joy in the activity replenishes it.

For the next time you take on a daunting project: push through to get started, but also remember to zoom out to understand why you're pushing through and look for ways to find joy in the task at hand to give yourself the best shot at long-term success.

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