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Digging Deep

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Digging Deep

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Format: E-book

Length: 380 pages

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This guide is made up of 7 parts, each tackling a different aspect of what lies behind motivation. This features speeches from some of the most prolific coaches in history, lessons learned from those who've lived life, exploring the science + psychology of habits, behavior, and how to change them, and finally applying these lessons to your own life, health, and pursuit of freedom through financial independence.

Part 1: A coach's list of motivational speeches

Part 2: Changing how you think

Part 3The science of building stronger habits

Part 4: 15 principles for breaking out of your shell

Part 5The science of health and how to live it

Part 6: Learned life lessons

Part 7: Lessons on building a business

Start exploring the science of achievement, mindset, and habit change with this guide today.