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The Think Different Collection

The Think Different Collection

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Have you ever felt like you're in a rut? Stuck in place and unable to move forward in life? So have we. So has everyone, at one time or another. Throughout this collection of books, we share real-life tips, tactics, and lessons on what's worked to help us climb out of these holes. 

We're committed to helping you hit your goals, so we take a multi-pronged approach to keep you on track. In addition to the books, you'll also get an online accountability platform so you can keep track of your goals and progress as well as access to 1:1 coaching for any questions that come up along the way. Introductory call scheduled upon purchase.

This collection is made up of 7 e-books, each tackling a different aspect of life. You'll find motivational speeches from the most prolific coaches in history, life lessons to guide your thinking, guides on the science + psychology of habits and how to change them, and practical tips on how to apply these lessons to your own life, health, and pursuit of freedom through financial independence.

Book 1: Coach's Corner

Book 2: Book of Life Lessons

Book 3: Build Stronger Habits in 21 Days

Book 4: 15 Rules of Life: How to Break Out of Your Shell

Book 5: Living Life with Health and Wellness

Book 6: Change How You Think

Book 7: Lessons on Building a Business

Ongoing: We publish several times a year and, as a bonus, you'll also have access to any books we publish in the future.

Start exploring the science of achievement, mindset, and habit change — and putting these lessons to use in your own life today.