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The Personal Growth Masterclass

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The Personal Growth Masterclass


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  • Best-selling books exploring the science of mindset and success.
  • Unlimited premium access to our popular life planner.
  • 24/7 access to chat with a coach for learning and advice.


Have you ever felt like you're in a rut? Stuck in place and unable to move forward in life? So have we. So has everyone, at one time or another. In this short course, we share real-life tips, tactics, and lessons on how to climb out of these holes.

This consists of 8 parts, each tackling a different aspect of life. You'll find motivational speeches from the most prolific coaches in history, life lessons to guide your thinking, guides on the science + psychology of habits and how to change them, and practical tips on how to apply these lessons to your own life, health, and pursuit of freedom through financial independence.

Your accountability books

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  • Book 1: Life Lessons
  • Book 2: Change How You Think
  • Book 3: Build Stronger Habits in 21 Days
  • Book 4: The Science of a Healthy Life and How to Live It
  • Book 5: Financial Freedom: Lessons on Building a Business
  • Book 6: Negotiating your worth
  • Book 7: 15 Rules of Life: Break Out of Your Shell
  • Book 8: A Coach's List of Motivational Speeches

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Start exploring the science of achievement, mindset, and habit change — and putting these lessons to use in your own life today.